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oriflame foundation

20/01/2011 |Oriflame news

Oriflame Foundation

Oriflame, one of the world’s leading beauty companies, has announced the launch of the Oriflame Foundation. The Foundation aims to support children and young women through a wide range of educational initiatives, with an emphasis on providing them with the tools and skills to help themselves. The aim is to provide opportunities for them to create lasting change in their lives and turn their dreams into reality.

Oriflame has always committed to making a difference by supporting good causes, particularly when it comes to protecting the young and vulnerable. We co-founded and continue to work with HM Queen Silvia of Sweden’s World Childhood Foundation, dedicated to improving the lives of marginalised children. The Oriflame Foundation extends our commitments further by supporting children and young women through a wide range of empowering activities beyond traditional classroom-based education - from building social skills and mentoring to supporting orphans and foster families. 

“Oriflame has always recognised the importance of giving back to our communities, and our employees and consultants have been undertaking charitable work for many years,” said Magnus Brännström, Chief Executive Officer at Oriflame. “Now we feel that the time has come to bring all this good work under one umbrella, the Oriflame Foundation. Working together, we can use our global reach and harness that power to really make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable, children and young women. Through education, we can create a lasting and worthwhile impact in our communities around the world.” 

Oriflame’s founders, Jonas and Robert af Jochnick, also have a long history of supporting good causes. The af Jochnick Foundation matched the necessary start-up funds granted by Oriflame, so that more good could be created from the start. 

The Foundation will coordinate charitable activities within the Oriflame Group. It will support projects in the countries where Oriflame operates through the sale of dedicated Foundation accessories and cosmetic products, fundraising events and the volunteering activities of Oriflame’s employees and consultants. All funds raised at a country level will be channelled towards local projects that equip children and young women with the tools and skills they need to improve their lives. 

The Oriflame Foundation will partner with local NGO’s to work on education-based projects in each market.

Support our cause to create lasting empowerment
The proceeds from every bracelet sold will go directly to (SOS Children’s Villages) in (enter the name of your country).
Your purchase will give these children the opportunity to create a better life and make their dreams a reality.


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